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Dr. Reinhard Fischer Public Stamps (Briefmarken) Auction #138 on Jul 12, 2014

The 138th auction’s more than 8,200 lots contain the following highlights:
German states: extensive supply with many cancelled lots, including covers, Bavaria with Mi.-Nr. 1IIa cancelled (1,200), Schleswig-Holstein Mi.-Nr. 1 unused with “missing silk thread” variety (1,000). Furthermore, the collections’ supply includes numerous country collections from Bavaria - W?rttemberg, also some general collections.
German Empire: high-value supply from breast plate issues to se-tenants and stamp booklets, also including superb condition 2 Kr. large breast plate * item (300), 2 Pfg Deutsches Reich Germania imperforated, Iposta-Block mnh, varieties, gum ribbing, colours and unusual features, etc.
German colonies / Post offices abroad: valuable supply with numerous mnh pieces, furthermore interesting forerunner issues with, among others, 2 rare Marshall Island covers, trial proof 2 Pesa German East Africa, imperforated * (900)
Occupation World War I./Plebiscites/Danzig/Memel/Saar: including, among others, cancelled Danzig “gro?er Innendienst” (3,500), Saar with Urdrucksatz mnh (1,200), furthermore types, unusual features and numerous interesting Memelgebiet pieces with current expertizations!
WW II./Fieldpost: interesting supply with sought-after standard values and scarce items, including Montenegro 5 Lire Verwaltungsausschuss mnh, Alexanderstadt with many scarce items, such as, among others,  Mi.-Nr. 8III cancelled (1,500), 9III cancelled (600), 12YIII mint never hinged condition (650), field post with, among others, Mi.-Nr. 6 K mnh (1,000), U-Boot Hela cancelled (800), etc.
Germany post-1945: comprehensive supply with numerous unusual features, types, varieties and sought-after standard issues, also including Mei?en 25/26 cancelled (450), SBZ 39zb mnh* (500), 43Ac cancelled (900), 66Y mnh (1,300), Berlin with, among others, 59X mnh (1,900), 71Y cancelled (700). Many interesting varieties of Federal Republic of Germany issues can be purchased, for example an mnh Posthorn set (700), or an 80 Pfg Posthorn from an upper left sheet corner with plate number 4 (1,500).
Europe: a selection of ca. 500 lots with interesting Yugoslavia and Liechtenstein offerings, a broad, diverse supply from collections comprising nearly 600 lots, mainly from private ownership.
Coins: more than 600 selected lots with numerous collectors’ coins and gold coins. An extensive number of antique articles also available!
You can "inspect" more than 187 collections entirely on the internet – the images of all the album pages convey a very accurate impression.

星期六 七月 12, 2014 9:00 Europe/Berlin
A. Karamitsos Auction #489 of General Stamps Sale Jul 12, 2014

A. KARAMITSOS is holding a general auction with over 2000 lots of stamp, postal history and postal stationary.
Starting with stamps & postal history of Greece including Large & Small Hermes Head.
Greek Islands and related area with Crete and Dodecanese.
Emphasis on Greece issues with Olympics, Greek Islands, Territories & related area, Greece in WWII, postmarks & cancellations.
Greek Ottoman Post and Levant.
Foreign countries with mainly Europe and Middel East.

星期六 七月 12, 2014 13:00 Europe/Athens
A. Karamitsos Auction #490 of Picture Postcards Jul 12, 2014

A. KARAMITSOS is holding a Postcards auction with Greek areas, thematics, transportation, art, and much more. 

星期六 七月 12, 2014 13:00 Europe/Athens
Darabanth Co Ltd Stamps, Coins and Postcards Mail Auction #230 Jul 15, 2014   Newly Added!

The auction material includes philatelic items with a strong focus on Central Eastern Europe with real rarities but worldwide postal history is equally accented;
Classical Hungarian errors, imperforated issues and worldwide material ie.: Deutsches Reich, Belgium, Romania;
Mixed philatelic auction lots and collections.
There is also an exciting Art and Collectibles section in the auction catalogue including a rich and colourful material with a wide range of decorative items (paintings, graphics, engravings, sculptures, ceramics and chinaware) and an impressive collection of other collectibles;
From rare historical documents, photos, vintage memorabilia (judaica, militaria, scouting, match labels, phone cards, paraphilately etc.) to an extensive material in old books;
A vivid flea market section is waiting for eager vintage treasure hunters.
Prices are in Hungarian Forints.

星期二 七月 15, 2014 17:00 Europe/Budapest
Guillermo Jalil - Philatino Auction #95 - ARGENTINA: "Budget" auction with very good and varied lots, VERY LOW STARTS Jul 15, 2014   Newly Added!

A new sale prepared by Rafael, with a wide selection of lots from all chapters of Argentina philately, including many good opportunities at low starts! 

星期二 七月 15, 2014 19:00 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
Soler Y Llach SPAIN and EX COLONIES Jul 21, 2014

Soler Y Llach presents  Spain and Ex-Colonies auction with over 1000 lots, including:
Prephilately including Spain 1850-1900.
Estado Espaniol.
Spain after 1950 and Spain Miscellany.
Civil War.
Spanish Ex-Colonies.
Lots & Collections

星期一 七月 21, 2014 14:00 Europe/Madrid
Corbitts Sale #148 Jul 24, 2014

This auction features 1600 lots of stamps, covers and postcards .
The auction contains a selection of All World mixed lots followed by an All World stamps and covers from Aden to Zanzibar.
The country lots include a range of Great Britain and commonwealth, Omnibus, Germany & Colonies and much more.
Stamp boxes, Cinderella, Thematics and other collectibles.
All prices are Starting Prices

星期四 七月 24, 2014 12:00 Europe/London
Filatelia Llach s.l. Mail Auction #105 - Jul 28, 2014   Newly Added!

Welcome to our sale 105.
Spain and Spanish area, with nice classics items; good sets in 1900-1960 period; Spanish Colonies; Latin America with important lots of Guatemala Postal History, China, Germany and area; France and area , Great Britain and area; Italy and area.  Russia and area, and, as always, value sets and covers worldwide.
Also lots and Collections.

星期一 七月 28, 2014 23:30 Europe/Madrid
Romano House of Stamp sales ltd Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, Coins & Banknotes #32 Jul 30, 2014

The auction contains a variety of Holyland Numismatic and philatelic material. A small section of Holyland Forerunners, British Mandate in Palestine and Minhelet Ha'am stamps and covers. Emphasis on Palestine and Israel Banknotes, Coins and Medals and other Numismatic items. You can bid via StampCircuit.com, or bid online Interactively at Romano's new Website www.romanoauctions.com

星期三 七月 30, 2014 23:00 Asia/Jerusalem
Guillermo Jalil - Philatino Auction #96 - GENERAL AUCTION: WORLDWIDE + ARGENTINA with very good lots Aug 6, 2014   Newly Added!

General sale with good lots of Argentina, South America and Worldwide, including classics, rarities from all periods, postal history, lots, collections, etc etc, all at very attractive starts. You will surely find material of your interest after revising this sale!! 

星期三 八月 6, 2014 19:00 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires


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